Sedation Dentistry

Patients undergoing oral surgery or experience dental anxiety can visit our team at My Langley Dentist for safe and comfortable treatment. We offer a variety of sedation options to help keep you comfortable while addressing your oral health needs.

Call our Langley dental team today to learn more about how we can help make your appointment stress-free and alleviate discomfort during your dental procedures. 

IV Sedation for Oral Surgery

When you come to us for wisdom teeth removal or would prefer sedation for another dental procedure, we are certified to administer sedation intravenously so you remain relaxed for the duration of treatment We have two assistants helping throughout the process. One assistant is dedicated to monitoring your vital signs, ensuring you maintain stable blood pressure and steady breathing pace.

While IV sedation does not put you completely to sleep, you will experience a deep enough level of sedation so you don’t experience pain or discomfort. This semi-awake state allows you to remain comfortable while still granting you the opportunity to respond to Dr. Abel if needed.

When undergoing IV sedation for your procedure, the calming effects will take some time to reverse, so arranging transportation home is necessary.

Other Sedation Options

Delaying treatment for your oral health because of dental anxiety can often cause minor dental concerns to develop into more concerning issues. In addition to providing sedation for oral surgeries, we offer nitrous oxide and oral-conscious methods to help you relax and feel comfortable at your appointment. 

Nitrous oxide is a more common form of dental sedation used to help calm patients’ nerves. Often called laughing gas, this method allows you to breathe the gas through a mask or hood. Patients appreciate this option because the sedative wears off instantaneously, allowing them to drive themselves home.

Oral-conscious sedation permits those apprehensive about treatment to take a prescribed medication prior to the appointment. You’ll experience reduced anxiety and a slight amnesic effect so your treatment feels comfortable and performed efficiently. The effects take some time to wear off, so you will need to arrange transportation home when utilizing this option.

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At our practice, Dr. Terry Abel and our dedicated team of dental professionals have the training and experience to provide patients with the sedation options they need to receive effective treatment. If you live or work in Langley, Surrey, or Abbotsford, call us today and schedule an appointment.

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