Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth start developing during a patient’s teenage years or early twenties. When these third molars emerge correctly, they won’t necessitate further dental treatment. Often though, these teeth grow in incorrectly, causing discomfort and can jeopardize the health and alignment of surrounding teeth.

At our dental practice, Dr. Terry Abel has the training and experience to perform wisdom teeth removal for our patients in Langley.  Call and speak with one of our dedicated dental professionals to schedule an appointment today.

When Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

For most dental patients, there isn’t enough room in the back of the jaw for the wisdom teeth to fit comfortably. This can result in them becoming impacted, causing pain, infection, and potentially wear on neighboring teeth. In certain cases, wisdom teeth can start to grow toward the back of the mouth, toward the second molar, or against the cheek.

Your wisdom teeth don’t have to be causing you significant concern to warrant having them removed. Even when no symptoms exist, when wisdom teeth grow in incorrectly, advancing decay and gum disease can still persist. Surrounding teeth can start to shift out of alignment as well. Dr. Abel recommends patients experiencing any of these conditions to have their wisdom teeth removed to avoid future complications.

A Safe and Efficient Procedure

Our team has extensive experience performing wisdom teeth removal right in our office. Before beginning treatment, we ensure you are fully sedated so you remain at ease throughout the procedure. One of our assistants will ensure your health and safety throughout the surgery by monitoring your breathing and blood pressure.

Removing your impacted molars is a simple procedure when no complications exist. If your wisdom teeth are deeply impacted, we may remove sections of the teeth to minimize the loss of surrounding bone as well. To encourage efficient healing, we use the platelet-rich fibrin method. By applying PRF to the socket after tooth removal, the concentrated growth factors in the PRF  can promote a more rapid healing time and also can results in less postoperative discomfort.

After your procedure, Dr. Abel provides you with comprehensive post-care instructions. Applying cold packs to the treatment area, staying hydrated, and limiting activity will help with healing. Following these instructions are also important to prevent dry socket, bleeding, or swelling. 

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For many teens and young adults, having your wisdom teeth removed can alleviate tooth discomfort and prevent you from developing complications in your smile. If you are looking for a caring and experienced team to remove your wisdom teeth, contact our Langley office today to schedule an appointment.

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